The poor state of public transport in Melbourne


The poor state of public transport in Melbourne.
The question on why the public transport in Melbourne so bad can’t be pointed to a specific reason but has a list of contributing factors. Being a coastal capital, the city has attracted great population and is currently the second when it comes to the most populous cities in Australia. Both the public and the government, therefore, have a lot to do in order to align the public transport.

More investment has been done on the public transport in Melbourne starting from the road network, railway, and the air but little has been achieved. Even though the capital is rated to be the 2nd greatest when it comes to public transport usage, the coordination of the same has been at its worst.

Following the population and the need that the city has, building more roads and other transport networks may not be the solution to the poor state. When the development started, it was imagined that when roads are expanded in the capital the transport sector will be streamlined but this didn’t work at all.

Problem isn’t with the people who live in the city but majorly remains with the government. As the roads were being expanded more people thought of buying vehicles and other transport means and shortly the roads were congested again. Instead of focusing on road structure and expansion, the government should instead change the whole idea and start focusing on better laws to govern the public transport sector.

The poor public transport in Melbourne has led to major problems in the capital. The cost of transport in Melbourne that is very high is as a result of the uncoordinated transport sector. Following the bad state especially in the public transport, many consider private means which as a result has now made the city transport sector congested with more private own vehicle on the roads.

Reduced commitment from the government to invest more in the efficiency and running of the transport sector has made them insecure to the public. Managing the movement especially during peak hours in the city seems to be impossible due to lack of timely arrival and set waiting hours for different means of transport. Congested bus and railway stations are now a common habit in Melbourne especially in the morning and evening with the waiting time are extended even up to 1 hour.