Why You Should Always Recycle Used Wood


Wood is an extremely important resource in Australia. It has mostly been used in the construction industry and has produced products like paper, furniture, animal bedding, and compost additive. As a result of these products which have extensively been used in Australia, the demand for wood has been high and thus it is important to recycle wood as much as possible. Here are the benefits of recycling wood.

1. Recycling helps save trees

By burning or disposing waste from wood, we eradicate them from the life cycle. This means that to be able to meet the demand for the products mentioned above, we have to cut down more trees. Cutting more trees have its own effects on the environment. Thus, if you choose to re-use wood waste rather than disposing them off, you stand to reduce the cutting of trees which is beneficial to the environment. Currently, the world is trying to be environmentally friendly and there is no better way to do this than to reduce the cutting of trees. You can only achieve this by recycling wood.

2. Recycling wood helps stop unnecessary fire risks

Wood is prone to fire. The more you pile up wood waste near your home, the more you risk incurring losses due to unnecessary fires. Usually, fire accidents occur in the most undetected and unpredictable circumstances. Therefore, the best way to prevent such fire incidences is by recycling wood. This means that you will not have any waste near your compound. Furthermore, you can sell wood waste as by-products and cash in on them.

3. Recycling saves money

Recycling wood waste helps reduce the costs of energy. When you make new products from virgin materials, you use more energy to source and manufacture these materials. But if you process wood products from recycled wood waste, you reduce the need for new materials hence saving energy you would have used in sourcing and manufacturing these materials. Recycling wood waste would also cost less than when disposing them off. Disposing of these material means you would incur more in terms of transportation, labour, tipping fees, and machinery operation.

One of the best wood waste disposals is by using skip bins. Skip bins are an effective wood waste management since they allow you to organize wood waste in bulk for recycling. 85 to 90% of wood waste collected by skip bins is recycled. Finding a company to provide reliable skip bin hire as well as helpful articles about proper wood waste disposal that will be beneficial if you seek to have a proper wood waste disposal or recycling. We also offer fast and effective services that seek to save your time and help you get the right skip bin for hire. Whether you need it for projects like clean up, landscaping, renovation or demolition, around your office or home, we will always have a solution for you that is environmentally friendly.

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