How To Become A Master Electrician


There can be many reasons for becoming a Master Electrician. The electrical industry is constantly evolving. Undoubtedly, the electrical industry can be quite an exciting sector to work in. Regardless of the advancements in technology, there will always be a need for a well-versed electrical professional. But, what makes a master electrician different from a regular electrician?

A master electrician can be a critical member of a service providing company. If you’re looking to run an electrical contracting company, or anything identical, you will need master electrical. If you have a team or seek to boost efficiency, there are many ways a Master Electrician can help out.

Of course, this also goes for those that seek to become master electricians. With newfound power sources like solar energy, we will need these professionals more than ever.

The Roadmap To Becoming A Master Electrician

Before becoming a Master Electrician, you need to qualify as an Electrician. For that, you will have to enrol in an Electrical Trade School. There, you will start learning everything about being an electrician. You will also have to complete work hours and study hours, but you will get compensated for it. 

  • Enrol into an Electrical Trade School
  • Finish four years of apprentice program (minimum)
  • Have three years of working experience.
  • Become a member of Master Electricians Australia

The Need For Apprenticeship

Even if you seek to become an electrician in Australia, you need to get some range of apprenticeship experience. It is an entry-level program to help a person with apt knowledge become a full-fledged electrician. If you seek to become a master electrician, first, you have to spend around four to six years in apprenticeship.

During the apprenticeship, you will either work under an electrician or a company. There, you will spend most time practising your skills and honing them to be better. Electrical Trade School will also help you acquire all the essential knowledge.

This program will qualify you for various certifications and licenses to become a practitioner. You will become a full-fledged electrician without the need to have a supervisor. You will gain Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician, which is required to become a Master Electrician.

Once you show that you’re capable of carrying out a job without any supervision, you will gain the license and certification. Thus, you will move further.

The Job Description Of An Electrician In Australia

Once you acquire your license as an electrician, a new gateway of possibilities opens up for you. Now, you will have the required qualifications to:

  • Provide services as a full-fledged electrician without the need for supervision.
  • You can acquire further licenses, certifications and permits for the electrical job.
  • As an electrician, you can design, install, repair, maintain and innovate the electrical systems, wiring and other similar components.
  • You can get your apprentice and train them to help them become an electrician like you.

Master Electricians Australia (MEA)

The electrical industry is fascinating for many, but it is equally dangerous. A lot of people require the best-grade services that they can afford. This goes for the top-notch electrical work and preventing any hazard in the future.

MEA stands as a pinnacle of quality and matches impeccable standards. It has become a hub for Master Electricians to provide customers with the best consultation and information. By empowering and educating the customers, MEAs can help them make informed decisions.

MEA also acts as a symbol of quality as it monitors the quality of Master Electricians. Thus, it maintains the highest quality standards for services, consultation and other expertise. A Member of MEA stands out, and that’s what you need to become a Master Electrician.

How To Become A Master Electricians Australia Member?

The only authentic way for you to become a Master Electrician in Australia is if you become a member of MEA. .  Becoming a member of MEA comes with a wide range of perks and recognitions. It shows that you’ve proven yourself to be more than just an electrician. That you can deliver safe and professional services. More importantly, you understand the electrical industry’s ethics, regulations, and codes and carry them with brilliance.

Before becoming a member of MEA, you need to have your trade license as an electrician. The MEA will also go through your qualifications, experience, and credentials to evaluate your position. Other requirements include:

  • Three years of experience as a full-fledged electrician.
  • You need to install an approved safety management system at least once. There should be proof.
  • Energy efficiency consultation and at least 12 months of guarantee on your work are also integral before becoming a Master Electrician.
  • You need to adhere to the Master Electricians Australia Code Of Conduct.

The preparations won’t end here. If you want to continue being a Master Electrician, you will have to qualify for highly competitive annual safety and quality audits. These will ensure that you’re up to speed and well-deserving of being a master electrician.

Additionally, you will have to maintain a compelling track record. Any complaint from the clients can lead to revoking the status of the Master Electrician.

Job Description Of A Master Electrician

Once you become a Master Electrician, you’re at the top of the electrical industry. You can work alone, join a company, or even start your business as an electrician. Most people will come to you for advice and counselling.

There is also a worthwhile paygrade waiting for you. Even during the apprenticeship program, you get weekly wages. Thus, you are not wasting any time. You can undertake entire projects and even lead a team of electricians. For instance, Pro Point Electrical has a team of master electricians and electricians that work together to deliver top-notch results. You can also achieve the same level of excellence and quality.

The Bottom Line

Becoming a Master Electrician Requires Dedication. If you are sincere about becoming a master electrician due to your interests, nothing can stop you. But, it can be equally challenging or competitive, so keep that in mind.