Transformational Leadership And Team Performance In Sports Teams


There are so many kinds of leadership styles that are coined by great leaders. One such style is transformational leadership, which focuses on various aspects of leading the team effectively.

However, this particular style is quite popular in the sports industry as it boosts the sports performance of the team. This article will shed some more light on transformational leadership and team performance in sports teams. So, if you are interested, then scroll down to read the whole article.

About Transformational Leadership

A transformational leader is someone who inspires followers to overcome all the obstructions and come together as a team to work towards a common goal. Any leadership style that does this is known as transformational leadership. This leadership creates a flexible environment for the followers to adapt and stay motivated.

Components Of Transformational Leadership

Focus On Individual Followers

The lines of communication for the followers are always open to putting their input. And when their ideas are valuable, they get consideration. This results in supportive relationships among the followers.

Encouraging Creativity

In transformational leadership, creative ideas are consistently recognised and encouraged. As a result, new ways to defeat the competition are formulated.


Transformational leaders usually have so much experience that they can share with their followers to articulate them. The followers idealise the leaders and feel highly motivated.

Emotional Intelligence

In transformational leadership, followers are encouraged to practice emotional intelligence. Having control over your actions is the most crucial thing if you want to survive in any industry.

Influence On The Followers

Since the leader is the role model to the followers, it’s easy to influence them positively. Influencing the followers can bring out the best in them.

Transformational Leadership And Team Performance In Sports Teams

Accepting And Adaptive To Change

The “change is constant” adage perfectly fits well in the sports industry. Transformational leadership allows the followers to accept the change quickly and be adaptive to it to make their moves.

Flexible Environment

Being in outdoors is not the only environment that is concerned with sports. In order to win against the opponent team, building a positive atmosphere among the team members is important. And transformational leadership promotes a flexible environment so that followers can change according to the need of the game.

Inspirational Motivation

Since the coaches are idealised figures, followers often find themselves motivated by their experiences and stories. This is also a component of transformational leadership which is practised a lot to inspire and motivate the followers.

Unity Among The Followers

The whole idea of transformational leadership is to influence the followers to work in unity towards the same goal. An individual in the team should put his team’s needs before his own.

Final Thoughts

So, this was everything on transformational leadership and team performance in sports teams. Transformational leadership is the most desired style in the sports industry because of its characteristics. If you want to learn this style, then you should join the programs related to executive development by Maximus.