Tips for Effective Weed Control


If you have a lawn or garden, then you need to know about weed control no matter how much you water your plants and take care of the grass. The point is that there’s always some weed growing in your garden and you need to take certain measures to control that growth and this is exactly why we are here today.

Yes, of course, you can easily buy a weed killer for home and use it, but what if we tell you that there are other effective ways through which you can control weed growth in your lawn?

Here are some tips that can come in handy to you in this process:

1-Let the sleeping weeds lie

You might not know this, but each square inch of your garden has weed seeds in it, but not all these seeds reach the stage where germination is triggered. Now, what happens is that when you dig the ground or cultivate it, the hidden seeds in the bed of the soil, they come out on the top and that’s where weed starts growing. So, whenever you dig a part of the ground, just make sure to immediately fill it up with soil or mulch or plants. Just don’t leave the space for the weed seeds to come out and grow.

2-Mulch is all that you need

You need mulch for multiple reasons. Most importantly, mulch helps in keeping the plants all cool and it also helps as a moisturizer. Moreover, mulch deprives the weed seeds of light and that’s exactly what helps in weed control. Also, you should prefer putting organic mulches in your lawn because the organic ones’ host crickets and beetles, etc. and then these tiny ones devour the weed seeds and your problem is solved technically.

3-Lop off the heads

If you are unable to remove the weeds, then don’t worry because you can always chop off the heads. Once you do so, the chances of reseeding reduce and the spreading of the weed seeds are then limited. Long story short, only if you start chopping off the heads of the weeds, you will soon limit their spread and this is the most effective way of weed control.

4-Water the plants, not the weeds

Put soaker hoses around the weeds and then water your lawn and plants in it so that the water doesn’t reach the weeds. You just need to deprive the weeds of water and they will eventually die and stop reseeding. This can reduce weed seed germination by 50 to 70 percent.

These are some of the best tips to follow for weed control. Use these tips and make sure to use weed killers too because these products definitely work. Just with a little care and some precautionary measures, you will be able to get rid of the weed in your garden easily.