How to Reduce Carbon Footprint Australia?


Even a school going child knows by now that carbon footprint is increasing on the planet and has a lot of detrimental effects. The temperature of the Earth’s surface is rising to another level due to increased carbon dioxide and unfortunately, we humans are the reason behind it. The idea of reaching zero carbon footprint is amazing, but it’s not as simple and easy as it seems to be mainly because of our lifestyles and daily routine habits.

However, there still are a lot of things that we can do and a lot of changes we can make in our life to reduce carbon footprint and to make Earth a better and healthier place to live in.

1-Drive Smart

Start opting for public transport instead of driving your own car. This can reduce carbon footprint greatly. If you can travel without your car, then start doing that right away. By opting for public transport you can literally make one big change in the world. On the other hand, if you cannot travel without a car and if it’s a necessity for you, then at least take care of your car and opt for European car repairs in case your car gets damaged.

2-East Less Meat

You will be reducing 820 kg of carbon footprint just by adopting a vegetarian diet and leaving all meat consumption behind. In fact, if everyone in the world stops eating meat, the carbon footprint will actually cut down to two-thirds within a night. Now, of course, there are people who cannot stop consuming meat and if that’s the case with you too, then simply have some meat-free days where you just consume fruits and vegetables.

3-Keep Your Curtains Closed

Yes! Even your curtains are useful in this case. You just have to keep them drawn whether it’s winter or summer. In winters, these curtains will help in keeping you insulated and in summers these curtains will help you in keeping the inside of your house cool. Long story short, you won’t have to use ACs and heaters, and the energy will be saved this way which will reduce the carbon footprint.

4-Get Rid of Plastic Products

From shopping bags to cups, just boycott the use of plastic and this will make a huge difference. Opt for reusable stuff so that you don’t increase carbon footprint that is already out of control at the moment.

These are just a few measures you can take to reduce carbon footprint whether you are in Australia or any other country in the world. Just make sure to follow these tips and avoid all habits that lead to the destruction of planet Earth.