Top Tips for Covering the Load In Your UTE


Ute is the best way to transport bulky items from one place to another. They are extremely helpful when it comes to storing heavy items. Ute help in creating extra storage in your vehicle for multiple purposes. There are different types of utes available in the market. You can choose from a variety to make sure you get the one you are looking for.

However, ute often have open air cargo trays. Which means that you will have to be extra careful while loading and unloading the items. You must make sure that the items are secured and do not break. Otherwise, you can face some heavy fine along with broken items. If you want to avoid this situation, then follow these tips for properly covering your load in the ute.

Knowing The Limits

With all the space in the ute, one can easily assume that it can load a lot of bulky items. But you must be aware of the payload limit. By loading more and more weight and bulky items in the ute, you are risking your own life. You can run into an accident that way. You must keep yourself safe. Not only this, but you can also face broken items. This will lead to heavy fines. Eventually, you will lose more than you could have gained. It is always advisable to know the overhang limits of your ute before you load all the items in it. This way you can stay safe and legal.

Use Proper Knots

One of the easiest ways to secure the load and bulky items is by tying them down. By doing so, you secure your items from moving around during the drive. However, you can not just secure the huge items by simple knots. You will require proper truck and utes knots. You can do your research before selecting the right knots as to what kind of knots will be easy to tie and untie.


You can not just tie knots around the load and assume that they would keep the load safe and secured. While they might help in keeping the load in one position, they do not have the potential to keep them secure as well. You must try padding to keep the load secured. Enough padding around the item would keep them from potential damage. You can also use soft tonneau coversto properly cover your load. It will protect the load from rain, dust, and other harm.

Use Anchor Points

Most of the utes come with already installed anchor points to help you cover the load. You will find rails on both sides of the truck and you can use them to tie some extra knots for extra security. Use of these anchor points would add more strength in the protection of your load. It does not matter if you are using ropes or you are covering the entire area, use these anchor points wisely to confirm the security of the load.