How Technology Is Transforming The Security Industry


Technology is revolutionizing how different industries are operating. The security industry is among the sectors witnessing the rampant changes brought about by the growing technology. How security operations are done today is different from the yesteryears.

Today, leading security companies like MA Services Group Pty Ltd use technology to streamline their security operations. Herein is a discussion on the technological transformation taking place in the security industry.

1. The Use of Surveillance Cameras

Gone are the days where security guards would spend hours surveying an area. Surveillance cameras can be installed in different regions, capture every activity, and transmit the monitoring devices’ recordings. These monitoring devices can either be handheld smartphones or monitoring screens in a security monitoring room.

Surveillance cameras record activities that are taking place. It is, therefore, more comfortable to trace any crime that may have taken place. With facial capture features on these cameras, security personnel will have an easy time identifying the perpetrator of the crime.

2. Use of Mobile Applications to Send Quick Alerts to Security Agents

A quick response in a security matter is essential in combating crime. Like MA Services NSW, renowned security firms in Australia are utilizing security apps to bring efficiency in their operations. They recommend an application that their clients can purchase to enhance speedy communications whenever there is an issue.

Besides sending quick signals, the apps can send in the location of their clients for immediate tracking. Some of these security apps allow users to make emergency calls.

3. Use of Robots in Policing

Security agencies are embracing technology in the use of artificial intelligence in combating criminal activities. Law enforcers are using robots in detonating bombs and fighting armed suspects who would have otherwise jeopardized the police’s lives. Unlike human authority, robotic police can quickly detect chemical or radioactive weapons before they cause any destruction.

These robots can be tailored to perform different duties based on the requirements of the security agency. Besides making work easier for security personnel, robots reduce the cost of hiring more labor.

4. Use of Biometric Technology in Improving Security

A Biometric system uses the biological and physical features of a person to identify their identity compared to their stored data. The system is set to allow the individual’s access if there are similar features of the person to what is in the database.

A Biometric system is standard in sensitive government areas such as military bases, airports, and private offices with sensitive data such as banks.

While technological advancements are making more significant improvements in the security industry, it’s important to remember that technology is not a total replacement of human labor. Depending on the user, technology can heighten security measures or lower them. Human delivery is essential in ensuring the employee security serves the interests of boosting security.