Different Ways to Hang Pendant Lights


Pendant lights have always been one of the most eminent parts of any interior design project. There is no doubt about the fact that pendant lights have something in them that makes us absolutely happy. Shopping for pendant lights for your home is one of the happiest occasions for many homeowners even though it is very difficult to pick one with a thousand of choice available.

Moreover, pendants lights are so versatile that you can use it as a decorative element if you are planning a great end of the year party or simply use it for the decoration of your wedding.

What is even more exciting is the fact that modern homeowners have now started to experiment with pendant lights. They would find very interesting ways to hang these lights that instantly boosts the environment of the house.

Are you confused about what to do with the pendant light you just bought with your month’s savings? Let us share some interesting ways to hang the pendant lights in your house. We bet you would love our ideas!

  1. Use the Classic Jute Rope

If you love giving your interior a raw touch then try hanging your new pendant light with a jute rope. A thick rope will help to cover the hideous wire that is used to supply power to the light. It would look perfect if the room already has a rustic interior. Also, jute rope is pretty much versatile. It can look good anytime and anywhere.

  • Take Advantage of Shelve Bracket

Do you ever find it difficult to read due to insufficient lighting? Well, we have an incredible solution for you. Get a simple shelf bracket for the wall around which you read. Fix it on the wall and hang your beloved pendant light with it.

Shelf brackets are not too hard to find and you might also be able to order them online for your convenience. Also, there is vast variety of bracket shelves available in the market. You can find it in different materials and colors or just get it customized according to your needs.  

  • Create Your Own Chandelier

You can use 4-5 small-sized pendant lights to make a pendant of your own. All you would need is a copper piping, the one we use for plumbing purposes. Make a grid of the piping and drape your lights the way you like. Not only would it give off modern vibes but also it is very easy for your pockets. There are absolutely no heavy costs involved and what could be better than that for someone already living their life on a student budget?

  • Use a Ladder

We wonder who said that ladders could only be used for reaching higher spots. We just found a new purpose of ladders. You can use one to hang your pendant lights. You can hang the ladder horizontally on any of the rooms you find suitable and then hang your lights onto it. According to us, the idea would look great above the dining table or the kitchen counter.

If you still think you need assistance then feel no hesitation and look for efficient lighting consultants in Melbourne. A little professional help will go a long way.