A Guide to Waterfront Wedding Decorations


Currently, there are many couples who choose to celebrate their marriage by the sea. It is a different and very romantic practice, accompanied by the soft murmur of the waves, golden and fine sands under the feet, coastal birds in flight, the blue line of the horizon and the salty aroma of nature as witnesses of the union between lovers. It is usually a unique and wonderful experience for the bride and groom, and also a simple, economical and elegant solution when the time and resources necessary for organizing a traditional wedding is not available.

The seasons, the weather, the schedules

When looking at waterfront venue at Docklands, the first key to take into account so that your wedding on the beach is a success is to choose a warm time, but not with extreme temperatures. An overly hot day could transform the evening into an awkward moment, both for the couple and for the guests. Therefore, in the case of living in a tropical zone or high temperatures, it is recommended to set a date that does not coincide with the peak summer days, but rather with an intermediate point, such as the end of the season.

It is advisable to request in advance the date of marriage, in order to find available spaces and to be able to choose our day with greater tranquillity. The same criteria must be applied when selecting the schedule. Setting the date at sunset could be a good choice since in this way we will avoid the inconvenience caused by intense heat or night cold during the development of the ceremony, and create a romantic and more conducive climate under a beautiful sunset.

Is it necessary to have the consent of local authorities to get married on the beach?

Generally no special permission is required from the authorities of a locality to make a wedding on the public beach, or at least not if it is a simple celebration. In any case, it is advisable to consult with those responsible for the ideal institution (municipal administration, mayor’s office, etc.), in order to ensure, clarify doubts and avoid last-minute inconveniences.

The most suitable place for your wedding

Clearly, the ideal spot is on that beach that somehow inspires us to live there that one moment and so special that is our marriage, but there are some important considerations to keep in mind if we are to achieve a marriage of dream, which is also economical and simple to plan.

In the case of opting for an intimate ceremony, and offering a private celebration with the presence of relatives and closest friends, it will be necessary to select a lonely and quiet beach, which allows us to plan at ease each of the small details that will transform our wedding in a romantic and wonderful experience. In this case, it is important that the chosen beach is located facing west, since, if we have chosen to make the encounter at sunset, we will have the possibility to take great photographs during the sunset.

Basic elements necessary for the setting and decoration of your wedding

One of the most important aspects of a good atmosphere is the creation of an attractive and original altar. The altar will be the location of the officiant and the couple at the time of making the link. It can be built simply in wood or bamboo. For a delicate and elegant decoration, it will be very timely to use tules or other fluid and vaporous fabrics, which will give the atmosphere an ethereal and romantic touch.

Organize your beach wedding more economically

Some couples have limited resources to plan and finance their wedding, or do not wish to invest too large an investment, and prefer to make a more informal and simple event.

In this case, it will be very appropriate to offer a short reception at the end of the ceremony facing the sea. It will consist exclusively of a toast, delivery of gifts to the bride and groom, photographs and farewell hugs to depart directly from the beach to the honeymoon trip.