The 11 Most Influential Architecture Trends of 2020


There are some amazing and inspirational architectural trends that have been coming out in 2020. Architecture is influential as it is something that can be pleasing for the eye. But it also could help in solving major macro issues in the world like reducing carbon footprint or other environmental crises that are upon us these days. Lighting also plays an essential role in architectural displays so, if you are looking for high quality, high variety and just excellent lighting, consider Articolo architectural lighting as they always have lights the will compliment your architecture.

  1. Small space living

Small spaces were a trend in 2019 and continue to grow as a trend in 2020. This is because nowadays property prices are on the rise and people have tiny living spaces. So, they try to customize and create small living accessories that will compliment these living spaces. For example, tiny cabinets etc. People have also adopted small living spaces due to environmental issues. They want to live a minimalistic lifestyle and help the environment in whatever way can.

  • Accessible living

In 2020, we are all becoming more inclusive and adopting all kinds of people regardless of what they look like, who they love or are physically challenged. Accessible homes are new and trending so everyone could be comfortable living in a home even if they have disabilities. For example, wheelchair ramps are designed within homes and other architectural designs are also incorporated that help people navigate through their houses with ease.

  • Middle Eastern architecture

Middle Eastern architecture has been getting a lot of hype because of the amazing designs they keep coming up with. Some examples are a library in Qatar that is diamond-shaped but looks so modern and chic from the inside. The Dubai Frame, which is created in a frame-like manner encompassing the city like art or even the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building in the world currently.

  • Digital Innovation

With the help of fast-paced technology such as xero, it seems that now 3D printing has left nothing it can’t print. For example, through technology and 3D printing, a whole house can be printed and created. The advances in technology and innovation can change the face of the construction process and create more futuristic pieces that will be aspirational to all.

  • Gender equality

The New Year is all about bridging the gap between women and men. Women architects are now being encouraged and pushed to showcase their work, perspective, and view in the architectural field, which is a predominantly male field. This helps give way to development and a change in our society that is so desperately needed. More and more women are now coming into the field and showcasing their talent. They are equally worthy and capable as men to lead in this profession and do well in it.