Tips on Caravanning across Australia


Caravanning around Australia is something not a lot of people think of doing, with so many responsibilities over our heads and bills to pay that such luxuries seem to be the least of our concerns. However, if you do plan on caravanning across the great country then following these tips will really come in handy and help you successfully and smoothly complete and enjoy your trip.

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  1. Planning

Anyone and everyone you speak to must tell you, you must plan. However, what does it actually mean to even plan? Well, in this case, planning would be making a road map of where you want to go, how long you would want to stay there for and do you have the facilities available that you need to survive. For example, when you’re going into a forest to caravan, you will either need to find a campground or you’ll need to bring all you excess fuel, food, and different utilities along. Parking the caravan can also be an issue, which is why it always advised that you do your previous research, as this will ensure you are not stranded in the middle of nowhere. While planning, you’ll need to decide how much food to take along and other utilities you may need. If you plan on going towards the mountainous region, then having the right gear is very important. But, if you plan to stick to the beaches, then having the right gear there is important too.

  • The Right Caravan

Purchasing the right caravan for your trip is the most essential thing you can do. The caravan will depend upon how many people are taking this road trip, the area you will be going to, the activities you plan to do and more. If you are a couple then a small caravan will work for you. However, with a family of kids, you’ll need a much larger caravan. Also, you will need to consider if you want a bathroom or a shower in your caravan or you would like to use the ones on the way. This would help you make the decision. Moreover, where you are going also influences the caravan choice because if you want to go into the wilderness where there are no toilets or showers, then having that basic facility is always recommended.

  • Packing

When you pack, make sure you pack light. People think that they need a lot of things, but they actually do not. All that extra weight just weighs down the caravan. Make sure to keep light crockery and few casual clothes, a few winter clothes just in case and travel-sized utilities. This will ensure you have a smooth and happy travels otherwise you’ll just be managing things and these things will clutter your caravan for no reason.