Top Tips for Safe Air Travel during Covid-19


The hospitality and tourism industry has taken the largest brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic. With strict protocols and lockdown enforced in most parts of the world frequent travellers were either stuck in the country they were travelling to our travelling from, or they were simply stuck inside their homes with no more hopes of getting out for months to come.

Even though the worst has probably passed and the world is now moving towards gradual opening and a lot of countries have even opened their borders for tourism with strict protocols, the norms of the hospitality and tourism industry have completely changed.

Even though the risk of catching covid-19 while travelling from one place to another is still high, but certain tips and tricks can help keep your family safe. If you are planning to travel via air anytime soon, this article is exactly what you need.

We have listed down some of the top tips for Air Safety during Travel. S

  1. Wear Masks & Face Protection Shield: Even though most aeroplanes are maintaining strict social distancing procedures but it is always better to be overprotected than to be under-protected. While travelling via air during this pandemic, make sure you wear your mask, it is mandatory anyway and you will probably not even be allowed on the aeroplane without a mask. Since coronavirus mostly spreads through the mucous membranes and our eyes are very much a part of it, covering your eyes with a transparent shield won’t do any harm but only render you far more protected.
  2. Maintain Social Distance: Be it the airport or during the flight, maintain a good an solid distance of at least 6 feet with other human beings in order to secure yourself from carrying corona. According to stats, aeroplanes are already operating at 1/3rd or even less than that the total capacity, it is still advised that you follow the SOPs strictly and wear the mask and the protective gear (If any) at all times.
  3. Hand Hygiene is Important: A good hand hygiene can not only save your own life but also of others around you. Make sure you frequently use the hand sanitizer, especially after you come in contact with objects such as artifacts at the duty-free shop. It is best advised that you carry a pocket hand sanitizer with you at all points.
  • Keep a check on your temperature: All the preparing to travel could go to waste right away if your temperature rises up and the crew decides to not let you board the aircraft. Staying healthy and fit during the COvid-19 pandemic is the best way to fight with the gym trainer.
  • Long Layovers can be a blessing: In the post pandemic flying, long layovers can indeed do the job for you however, while at a long layover, don’t forget to check into the lounge and take a much needed powernap. You can also keep your make on and roam around this new airport. While taking the powernap, gloves are absolutely necessary so you might not contaminate your hands.

In addition to these mandatory tips to ensure safe air travel, also play your part in being a responsible citizen and don’t trash out the areas when visiting.