9 Best Things to Do In Parramatta


Widely known as the place of eels, Parramatta is one of Australia’s most underrated suburbs near Sydney. With a promising ancient aboriginal history evident in its rich cultural diversity and countless heritage sites. Located approximately 24 kilometers West of Sydney, Parramatta has quickly grown into one of the most diverse commercial suburbs on the bank of the Parramatta River. If you are looking for a quick getaway from Sydney or you are a tourist visiting Sydney for the first time, take the local train to Parramatta to add more experience to your visit.

We have rounded up a list of the 9 best things you can do while in Parramatta.

  1. Visit the Parramatta Park: Listed on the UNESCO world heritage sites, the Parramatta Park is the perfect place to take a break from the urban hustle bustle. You can simply choose to cycle or brisk walk around the park or plan a picnic with friends or family. The park has several eateries, rides as well as long stretches of beautiful landscape.
  2. Go to the Riverside Theatres: Considered the centerpiece of performance culture, the riverside theatres in Parramatta are the perfect way to delve into the local culture with musical theatre, opera, cabaret and contemporary dance performed by some of the best rising and established local talent.
  3. Walk through the Colonial Architectures: Parramatta is the second European settlement site in Sydney and is rich with heritage buildings considered the symbol of colonial architecture as well as some super important archeological sites.
  4. Eat Local: Parramatta is known best for the exclusive variety of food it has to offer. Visit some of the best known local restaurants in Parramatta including Temasek on George Street, Pho-Pasteur, and the Holy Basil on the Church Street. You can also get some great accommodation on Church Street closer to all the food hubs.
  5. Bars & Pubs: Even though Parramatta’s ancient culture didn’t endorse much of a drinking culture, but with increased tourism and rapid commercialization, there are some really promising bars and pubs such as Nick & Nora’s and Uncle Kurt’s that promise your creative drinks and a fulfilling experience.
  6. Culture Walks with Parramatta Heritage Center: In addition to the rich colonial history, Parramatta is also a town smitten with the aboriginal culture of Australia. The walk gives you a lot of insight to the culture and a chance to hang out with the custodians of the aboriginal culture.
  7. Scram Escape Room: If you are looking for some thrill and adventure, visit the Scram Escape Room. A typical escape game with fun filled challenges and mysteries, this is one of the key tourist attractions in Parramatta.
  8. Rosehill Bowling and Recreation Club: If you are looking for some more fun filled activities, visit the Rosehill bowling and recreation club to indulge in fun games and activities. This is best if you visit it with a bunch of friends.
  9. Parramatta Farmer’s Market: This weekly farmer’s market held every Friday is the perfect place to experience all of Parramatta in one place. Experience the culture by shopping local at this farmer’s market. With local gourmet goods such as cheese, fresh produce and flowers, this market is a must visit spot and