Tips to Build a UTE Tray


UTE trays allow vehicle owners easy transportation of goods, whether fruits, vegetables, livestock, or construction equipment. Building your UTE tray not only makes your vehicle valuable but also eases the process of goods transportation to long distances.

If using a welder or working with metals makes gives you the scare, then this guide is for you. In this guide, we present an inside scoop on how you can build a productive and efficient Ute tray. It all depends on the kind of tray that you require for your business.

Tips on building a Ute tray:

A skim through the following points will help you consider the stark differences in both the design and ideas.

  1. Productivity matters:

The productivity of the UTE tray is an important aspect that you need to consider. Even if you’ve trucks that are too small or too large, your UTE tray must compliment the size of your utility transport in order to suitably accommodate your needs. Make sure that the tray you’re building is compatible with a particular Ute that you want to modify.

  • Usage of materials:

UTE trays get manufactured using aluminium, steel, and alloy. Alloy powder is usually the outer coating of the UTE tray, which imparts a particular colour to the finish. It is available in white aluminium grey and matte black. The best Custom UTE Canopies in Australia are made from Aluminum Ute and are light-weight, which means that you can carry large amounts of lightweight goods such as organic produce and lightweight material in large quantities depending on the amount of weight your vehicle can hold. Steel on the other hand is a sturdy material, and it’s perfect for carrying up heavy equipment and industrial material.

  • Measurement of dimensions:

 While building a UTE tray, you must know the accurate dimensions of your UTE. It is essential as you’ll be getting a customized UTE at the end. If you don’t know the correct measurements, there is a high chance that it won’t fit your vehicle. If you’re unsure about your measurements, seek a professional’s advice.

  • Durability is necessary:

One must consider durability. The endurance of the rack will depend on the raw material. Therefore, it is important to choose durable materials for your UTE trays. Buy raw materials for the construction of your UTE  tray from authorized hardware shops because the use of faulty material will not only make you lose your money, but can lead to serious accidents during driving.

  • Examine the installation:

When building a UTE tray, you should contemplate the installation process. It is essential if you’re planning to install the tray yourself. Knowing the procedure of the installation will assure you to fit the tray in the right manner.

  • Importance of the framework:

The framework is the backbone of any UTE tray. Steel trays may utilize either galvanized steel or black steel. The latter is more lavish and takes a lot of preparation and welding skill. However, galvanized steel helps to prevent corrosion, but the black steel tray will stop working just after a few runs to the beach.