Top kitchen trends for 2021


The kitchen is the main room of the home where residents spend a significant amount of time each day, making it necessary to have a cozy setting. After a few years, space can feel outdated with the materials installed and the colour scheme. If you’re ready to update or renovate the room, there are a few kitchen trends to consider to create a modern and contemporary setting that you can feel proud to show off. A kitchen renovation can cost between $10,000 and $75,000, depending on how much work is needed.

Handleless Wood Cabinets

Wood is a popular material to use in the kitchen because it adds extra warmth and a cozy touch. Reclaimed wood incorporates more character and can prevent the environment from feeling too modern or industrial. Although white cabinets have been popular in recent years, more people are installing wood cabinets with a beautiful stain to bring a touch of the outdoors into the home. Opt for cabinets that don’t have any handles for a cleaner, streamlined look that is more modern and futuristic.

Experiment with Marble

Install in kitchens because it’s hugely luxe and regal. The chic and natural design of the material makes it look upscale and allows it to pair well with brass, black, or gold accents. If you’re looking for kitchen design ideas when using marble, consider adding it on an island or the backsplash.

Woven Light Fixtures

When designing a boho or farmhouse kitchen, those looking for kitchen inspiration can install woven light fixtures, which offer a relaxed feel. They also allow a lot of light to come through the material, which brightens the setting and makes it easier to have more visibility.

Fun Backsplashes

In 2021, more homeowners are straying away from plain white subway tiles and are moving on to more fun and eye-catching designs with their backsplashes. Consider patterned or textured tiles that incorporate more dimension into space and add a touch of personality. The backsplashes work well in neutral kitchens to prevent the area from appearing too bland or boring.

Utilise Warm Colors

More people are looking to spend time in a kitchen that feels comfortable and cozy, which means stark white kitchens are on their way out in 2021. Warmer shades are replacing cooler tones in the new year, which means you’ll see many more navy blue, hunter green, and black colours on the walls and cabinets. Matte and brushed finishes are softer and more comfortable on the eyes. They offer a contrast with the ceiling and walls.

More Storage Options

Finding a place to store dishes and small appliances can be challenging in a kitchen with limited storage space. Without sufficient room to put these items, a kitchen can often feel cluttered and claustrophobic. Renovations now include more storage options to ensure more space is available for storing cake stands, cookie sheets, and vases. More people are also installing freezer drawers and stand-alone freezers. Larger refrigerators are also increasing in popularity to make space for more room for perishable foods and produce.

The extra storage frees up extra space on the countertop, making the kitchen more functional when prepping food.

Oversized Island Benches

Kitchen islands are increasing in size to make them double as dining tables to ensure residents can enjoy dining in the room. The islands also feature cabinets underneath for additional storage space where items are easy to access each day. Consider adding a few barstools or a large bench to the island to make it more useful and to include your guests in the space while cooking.

Touchless Taps

One of the top kitchen ideas to consider in 2021 when renovating your space is to install a touchless faucet, which prevents germs from spreading. The advanced technology offers convenience when you touch raw meat and need to turn the water on without touching the faucet. The fixture can look sleek and modern in the kitchen and is easy to install without hiring a professional. There are even some faucets that are voice-activated for added convenience.

It’s not only a hygienic feature to add in the kitchen, but it also makes it easier to get more done while cooking without manually turning the water on and off. Opt for a tap that has a matte or brushed finish to make it look more contemporary and upscale.

Discovering a few top kitchen trends in 2021 can allow you to find out what reflects your personality and taste. With a few ideas, it can be easier to work with a contractor or designer when you’re ready to renovate the setting.