How to Solve Your Tree Pruning Problems


Trees are an integral part of our environment. They help safeguard our oxygen supply and add much-needed beauty to our landscape. But they may grow in expected ways, needing trimming and pruning. However, due to wrong pruning techniques, our trees may get affected, hurt, and result in damages that harm their growth.

Following are some problems and their possible solutions.

Trees suffering from Low Nutrients

Usually, in our backyard, there is a problem that trees are not growing as they have to, and they lack essential nutrients, unlike the trees that we see in forests. This leads to the constant falling of twigs, leaves, and bark. As we continue cleaning our yards, our tree continues to get deprived of essential nutrients. Also, trees are usually surrounded by shade and grass, making it hard for sunlight to reach. The best solution is to fertilize the soil on a regular basis. Although fertilizing can take place in spring if proper soils are used, it can be done at any season or time. Ensure that the soil or nutrient has phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium blended together.

Problem with Pests

Because many of our trees are not healthy, they may be highly attracted to insects and pests. Pruning a tree, again and again, can reduce their growth and ability to cope up with insects. This is also because of the environment, pollution around our constant planting in the wrong locations. The only solution is to seek professional advice from a tree pruning services in Adelaide or any local arborist who has experience in handling situations with dead trees and have an idea on how to do pruning. Secondly, another solution is to monitor pest and insect activity around the tree. Sings to monitor includes hollow trunks, crumbling and soft bark, the presence of fungi, dead branches, and twigs, and small holes in barks.

Damage Due to nature or Inexperienced Handling

There is a high probability that due to excessive rain, thunderstorms, and tornadoes, our trees and plants be damaged, or break. Additionally, because homeowners do not have the required expertise to manage to prune, they may trim trees unexpectedly, or in wrong ways hurt the tree trunks and barks. To manage this situation, inspection on regular intervals is advised. If there is compact soil, organic mix of soil can be used to help increase nutrient levels, treat the base and roots.

Extra Tall Trees

There are instances when our trees grow taller, or take too much space, making them a hazard for passers and neighbours. The roots may grow and spread beyond the edge of our premises, saplings, and twigs are near the road, and trees start to run into buildings, barriers, and sidewalks. This is a problem that trees grow out in a certain angle, showing signs of disease. Possible solutions include refraining from cutting extra roots and weakened branch without knowing if the flow of nutrient is present. An expert can guide on this by looking at the colour of the bark. It is also important to feed a tree with water, and nutrient full organic soil so their growth is even. Improving soil health is essential here.