Top 4 Exercise Tips For Truck Drivers


Truck drivers work hours and hours sitting in the same place. This can not only cause fatigue, but also serious health problems. It was found from a survey done in Australia that around 85% of the transport drivers who have been driving lobbies and large trucks are overweight or obese and around 79% of them have very low physical activity. Also, another key point to remember is that most truck drivers are from the aging population of 45 or above. If such people were to get injured or were in an accident, the effect of it would be detrimental. This is why we have come up with a list of exercises that you as a truck driver can do in your free time to keep you refreshed and physically active too.

Another safety precaution could be wearing proper gear to prevent harm to your body in case of an accident. You can find comfortable and durable Oliver work boots here.

  1. Goals and plans

This step here is one of the most important steps. This is because before even thinking about physical activity and exercise, you need to get your mind ready for it. By creating goals and sticking to a plan, you prepare your mind and body for the change. The best way to create a goal is to create one that is achievable and realistic. Instead of setting a goal that seems too good to be true, start small. Create a goal, for example, doing 15 minutes of exercise a day. Then as you achieve that goal regularly, you can increase the time duration. You also need to create a plan for how this goal will be attained.

  • Stops

Truck drivers usually have to make many stops on their trips. When you do get a stop, try and get out and wisely use that time. As you have a specific gear on, it can get difficult to jog or run, but you can get in a few stretches or strengthening exercises. This will help refresh your body stretch it out and keep you in shape.

  • Core workout

While driving, it seems difficult to work out your core. However, it isn’t. When you sit within your truck or lorry, tighten your stomach as though you are trying to reach your back with your belly button. What this will do is that it will help strengthen your core muscles.  Doing this occasionally can have a huge benefit on your health.

  • Time off

Usually, most truck drivers do not have time to do actual and proper exercise within the time they are on duty. However, it is best that you maximize the time that you do have. Instead of spending the weekend on the couch, you should be engaging in an activity that refreshes your mind as well as your body. You could hit the gym, go to the park or even play golf. Anything that requires you to get off your couch and move around is excellent.